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This Super Explorer Essential Oil Starter kit comes with only the purest essential oils.

This essential oil starter kit can be purchased from Organic Aromas also offers a one year warranty on parts and service. According to consumers, the manufacturer is very responsive and eager to address any issues you have with the oils or the included diffuser. 

As we mentioned, this set comes with a nebulizing diffuser. According to the manufacturer, a nebulizing diffuser offers a more effective, stronger aromatherapy experience that will allow the fragrance to travel further.  According to Organic Aromas, this oil diffuser is the only type on the market that’s used by healthcare professionals.

This Super Explorer Essential Oil Starter kit comes with only the purest essential oils. The oils have not been diluted or blended. Many consumers reported that the oils were very potent, which is a good sign that you’re dealing with a high purity level.

Aside from the twelve essential oils and the nebulizing diffuser, this set also comes with a beautiful wood box that you can use to store your aromatherapy supplies.

Inside this package, you’ll find twelve ten milliliter bottles of essential oils. The handpicked selection is composed of Lavender, Purity Blend, PeppermintOrganic Sweet OrangeEnergy BlendOrganic RosemaryGrapefruitSerenity BlendRose GeraniumCinnamon, Eucalyptus and Organic Tea Tree.    

The diffuser is made from all-natural hardwood, with a hand-blown glass reservoir. The diffuser is incredibly quiet, allowing you to use it any time of the day or night. Inside the diffuser is an air pump which works to naturally atomize the oils into tiny particles, which will allow the body to absorb the oils quickly and efficiently.

This diffuser also comes with LED lighting which can be switched on or off during diffuser use. The diffuser utilizes an operating cycle that consists of two minutes on and one minute off for a period of two hours, after which the machine will automatically shut off. According to the specs sheet, the diffuser is designed for use in rooms up to eight hundred square feet, which is pretty impressive.

Super Explorer Essential Oil Diffuser Starter Kit Pros and Cons


  • There are many reasons consumers are raving over this starter kit and diffuser. In fact, many buyers admitted one of the main reasons they chose this set was the innovative nebulizing diffuser design.
  • Unlike other types of diffusers, you don’t have to use water with this model. Typically, consumers with no prior experience with diffusers are unsure of how much water to use.  Often, they use too much or too little which can greatly impact the effectiveness of aromatherapy.
  • With this diffuser, all you need to do is add approximately fifteen to twenty drops of the essential oil of your choice. The oil should be added directly into the diffuser’s body. Next, plug it in and switch it on, and that’s it. You can also adjust the flow of the mist by turning the knob to the desired intensity. Unlike other models, this diffuser doesn’t use water, heat, and contains zero plastic.
  • It’s also safe, quiet running, and easy to maintain. This one of a kind diffuser emits the pure essential oil further over a wide area in a shorter amount of time with no dilution or burning. It’s perfect for consumers who love a stronger smell, and it also works for those who prefer a more subtle scent, thanks to the flow adjustment knob. The LED lights turn on by motion detection, which is a nice touch.
  • Another huge plus is how much easier this diffuser is to clean compared to models that use heat or water.
  • This diffuser only needs to be cleaned once or twice a month, depending on how often you use it. The manufacturer recommends rinsing out the reservoir using isopropyl alcohol and allowing it to air dry.
  • The one year warranty on the diffuser is a huge selling point.


  • There wasn’t much negative feedback for an essential oil kit that comes with everything you need to get started with your own aromatherapy session. For the price, some consumers felt that the kit should come with more bottles of essential oils, but given the quality of both the oils and the diffuser, we felt that the kit at this price was a steal.
  • Some buyers felt that the diffuser went through the oils faster than a traditional diffuser that operates with heat or water. However, the two-hour runtime is actually the standard for most diffusers in this price range.

Super Explorer Aromatherapy Kit Conclusion and Rating

Essential Oils Buddy Rating: (3.5/5)

The Super Explorer aromatherapy kit by Organic Aromas really does have it all. You’ll enjoy a beautiful, handcrafted box that can store your essential oils when not in use, a unique nebulizing diffuser that’s easy to use, maintain, and adjust, and twelve of the best pure essential oils on the market. While some consumers felt that the variety of oils were lacking, we feel considering this is a starter kit that you won’t find a better kit at a lower price, with a free diffuser to boot. Consumers who purchased this essential oils set gave it an impressive rating of four and a half out of five stars for the quality of the oils, the innovative diffuser, well-made storage box, and the pricing.