Our essential oil diffuser reviews cover some of the top brands and models in the industry.  One major company that caught our eye was Ellia. Unlike competitors, Ellia offers top of the line diffusers at a more affordable price.

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The Reflect is one of their best-selling models and it’s received plenty of positive feedback from essential oil enthusiasts looking for a diffuser that’s powerful, convenient, and easy to use. So, we decided to take a closer look at the Ellia Reflect to see if it really was worth all the hype.

Overview and Features

The diffuser features an elegant, highly functional design complete with a translucent glass cover, and wooden base, which allows it to easily blend into any type of room décor.

The diffuser delivers up to seven hours of continuous use. Those of you who enjoy using essential oils at bedtime can control the machine’s functions right from your bed, using the included remote.

Because this is an ultrasonic diffuser this device is virtually silent during operation.

In terms of assembly, all you need to do is place the included plastic top on the wooden base of the diffuser, then place the glass cover over the plastic one.

To use, remove both the plastic and glass tops, fill the diffuser with water and make sure you don’t go past the water fill line. In the water reservoir, you can add a few drops of essential oil.

This model runs on AC power. Once plugged in, you can switch it on using the small power button located on the bottom of the diffuser. All other functions are controlled by the remote, which features a six-button design.

For mist settings you’ll have two options; continuous flow or the diffuser will emit mist every thirty seconds. At the top of the diffuser, a fine mist of essential oil is emitted. Since the diffuser uses a very fine spray it won’t leave behind any moisture or residue.

Diffuser maintenance is very simple. Refill the water reservoir when needed and wipe it out once a week.

Lighting and Sounds

To set the mood, this model also features a color changing light and a wide range of uplifting and relaxing sounds to choose from.

The light show will allow you to pause on a specific color or it will cycle through all of the colors continuously. The lights themselves are not too bright, so it’s perfect for use in a bedroom. If you don’t want the lights on at all, use the remote to switch them off.

If you’re new to essential oil use, you’ll enjoy trying out the included three free essential oil samples: Pay Attention, Fight it, and Orange.

Currently, the Nutra ultrasonic is one of Reflect’s top competitors, but those of you on a tight budget will appreciate the Reflect’s lower price and comparable performance.


  • The built-in humidifier helps to combat dry air during the winter months.
  • This model offers seven hours of continuous use.
  • Built-in color changing light with three brightness levels.
  • Comes with an extensive sound library.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Includes remote control.
  • Beautiful glass and wood construction.


  • Most of the functions are controlled by the remote, with only one physical button found on the base of the diffuser.
Ellia Reflect Ultrasonic Essential Oil Conclusion and Rating

Essential Oils Buddy.com Product Rating: (4.5/5)

We gave this diffuser a rating of four and a half out of five stars. While we wish there were more controls on the base, so we wouldn’t have to rely so heavily on the remote, we found that this diffuser is very easy to use and control.

Overall, we found the Reflect to be quiet-running, easy to use, and it does a great job of emitting just the right amount of essential oil without being overwhelming.

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