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This kit comes with the following essential oils: deep blue, DoTerra On Guard, Digest Zen, DoTerra Breathe, peppermint, oregano, melaleuca, lemon, lavender, and frankincense. Additionally, buyers will also get the Wellness Advocate introductory packet and a petal diffuser.

The kit box is specially designed to hold the oils, keeping them safe and secure and preventing them from sliding around during transport. The box also describes the uses of each of the oils, which comes in handy if you’re not familiar with essential oil use and need something to reference.

The kit also includes a small air diffuser as a nice free bonus. To use, you’ll need to fill up the small water reservoir and add a few drops of the desired essential oil.

DoTerra uses certified pure therapeutic grade essential oil. They also label and judge the oil based on quality. However, the manufacturer actually owns the name certified pure therapeutic grade, so it’s not actually a certification that’s given by a third party. Because of this, many consumers are left wondering if their oils do possess a higher quality potency than the competition or whether it’s just some form of marketing hype.

Another thing to note is the manufacturer claims this type of certification involves certain standards in terms of the oil’s overall quality and potency. We felt their list of standards used to grade the oil was very thorough. So, what type of standards are used to determine essential oil quality?

In order for the oil to be certified as pure grade essential oil, the manufacturer states that the oil must be natural and pure with compounds that have been carefully extracted. It should also be free of any artificial ingredients including fillers, with absolutely no dilution of active qualities. The oil should also be free of chemical residues, pesticides, and contaminants. Each batch must be rigorously tested for chemical composition.

The oils are also cross tested using gas chromatography and mass spectrometry to ensure composition potency and purity. The oils are sourced from a large network of essential oil growers and chemists to ensure growth in ideal environments, correct species are used, and that the raw materials were harvested at the right time and carefully.

As you can see, it sounds like a thorough process, but again, these tests have not been performed by a third party. Many feel that these claims are simply a way for the manufacturer to stand out from the competition.

The quality of the oils used does appear to exceed industry standards. Because organic certification tends to vary from country to country, it’s not actually possible to acquire certified organic status.

The manufacturer sources the raw materials used to create their essential oils from communities all over the world. They have actually made a co-impact sourcing promises which include establishing coalitions of distillers and growers. This, in turn, helps ensure that local businesses receive the right resources, training, and tools in order to remain compliant with DoTerra’s strict standards.

Do Terra Essential Oil Kit Pros and Cons


  • DoTerra is one of the only essential oil companies that have conducted extensive research and gone through the process of having their oils tested in order to prove to consumers that their essential oils are the most potent and pure.
  • The included oils in the kit can be used in the diffuser for aromatherapy treatment or they can be added to carrier oils, lotions, and other skincare products. Keep in mind that this is a starter kit, so it won’t come packed with a wide variety of essential oils.
  • Consumers noted you can tell these are high-quality oils simply based on how little of the oil you need to use for treatment. In the diffuser, you’ll only need to add two to three drops per use. The same applies when these oils are added to carrier oils or skincare products. The manufacturer strongly stresses that because of the potency, consumers should never apply the oil directly to the skin, because doing so can lead to skin irritation.
  • If you want to expand your kit you can purchase individual oils from the manufacturer.


One of the main complaints consumers have regarding this kit is the price. Truthfully, this brand produces some of the more expensive essential oils on the market. But keep in mind that the oils are subjected to strict standards, feature impressive potency, and have undergone a wide range of tests. A lot of resources and research went into making these oils. In general, pure essential oils are costly because a large amount of raw materials must be used to make small quantities of essential oils. Since the oils are known to have a huge effect on a person’s health and overall well-being, the higher price can definitely be worth it.

The smaller size of the kit indicates that it’s more directed towards consumers who want an essential oil kit for personal use instead of business use.

The free petal diffuser is a very basic model and will need to be refilled every two hours. It also does not come with an automatic shut off feature.

If you’re looking for an essential oil kit that offers a bigger selection of oils we recommend the Eden’s Garden two portfolios of aromatherapy essential oils set.

Home Essentials Kit by Do Terra Conclusion & Rating

Essential Oils Buddy Rating: (4/5)

Overall, most consumers can agree that these essential oils are very potent, requiring you to only use a few drops at a time. These therapeutic grade oils are held to a higher standard compared to lower priced oils on the market. However, for the price, we felt that the manufacturer should have included a few extra basic oils such as rosemary, sage, and tea tree oil. Consumers who purchased the Home Essentials kit package by DoTerra gave it a rating of four and a half stars out of five for purity, quality, and selection.